Our History

Families are continually struggling with the day-to-day tasks of balancing both work and social commitments with family responsibilities. As this problem is only increasing, the requirement for assistance around the home will always grow accordingly.

Ironing is one of those weekly tasks that is necessary and continues to grow, if not carried out on a consistent basis. Whether it's a single person household with a range of business shirts or the traditional family with numerous children that wear 3 sets of clothes per day, this task is monotonous and eats away at your valuable time - you MUST have something better to do?

In the past, ironing services were handled by the “lady around the corner” or the family friend. This method has proven in many cases to be unsuccessful due to inconsistent quality & service or simply, the contractor may smoke and/or have animals – the clothes come back with a distinct and unattractive odour. Garments today are not only more expensive, but more fragile as they are made with a mix of natural or artificial colours and fibres and tend to require a lot more care. Trusting your clothing to just anyone can often end up being a very costly exercise.

The Ironing Shops concept was derived from the understanding of the demand and sympathising with families that have had bad experiences in the past. The aim of The Ironing Shops was to provide a service that would alleviate the many hours spent on domestic chores such as ironing.

The business started over 17 years ago in a home based location providing a pickup and delivery service for garment ironing to a limited customer base. Since the inception of the business, the reliance and expectations has increased dramatically in both size and demand, far more than the original expectations.

The Ironing Shops provide a quality and professional domestic ironing service for customers with a quality and service guarantee to match. The Ironing Shops have developed their “IN and OUT” methodology utilising the many years of background experience and training in garment care, to ensure a seamless and efficient 24-hour turnaround process for their customers. The Ironing Shops place a heavy focus on garment ironing and pressing, but also provide their customers with additional and complimentary garment care services to create a one-stop shop.